Our Products

We provide customer both with our own products and tailor made solutionsWe develop and manufacture our own carbon black air preheaters, a patented product.


Our main area of expertise is in the production of distillation and absorption columns, shell and tube heat exchangers and pressure vessels.

We are used to working with many different process media: Air, sea water, fresh water, steam, oils and the whole spectrum of process solutions. Each and every one of them demands levels of knowledge that our design engineers and production staff master through both theoretical and practical experience.

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To support our clients with optimisation of capacity and production economy the choice of material in the equipment is vital. Ekström & Son's licensed welders are used to advanced materials supporting world class performance in your plant.

The most common materials we work in are the stainless standard steels 1.4301/1.4306, and 1.4432/1.4436. Apart from other standard stainless steel materials we are experienced in a range of specialty materils:

- Duplex and super duplex
- High alloy and austenitic steels
- Nickel och nickel alloys
- Copper and copper allioys
- Titanium
- Zirkonium

Don't hesitate to get in touch with us regarding your material choices!